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We traveled the country to learn more about our products. Out promise is to provide the best product selection to Atlanta from all over the United States. We have spent over a decade immersing ourselves in the CBD and holistic remedy industry. Learning about our products, discovering the best sourcing, and embedding ourselves in the industry enables us to provide premier CBD and fungi that Atlanta has never seen before.

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CBD for Everyone

Peachtree Wellness was founded in 2020 to ensure local neighborhoods have access to premier quality CBD flower, medicinal fungi, and topicals and tinctures. Our vision is to provide the best quality products for the best quality people, so you can live your best life without having to worry about your health. We believe western medicine has many benefits, but many health problems can be remedied naturally, with CBD, medicinal fungi, and topicals & tinctures that provide the body with a natural way to heal, alone or supplemental to your medications.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about any of our products, or general CBD and holistic remedy questions.

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